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*shuffles out of an open grave full of candy corn* HI.

Still alive here! It's been a busy month and a half. In addition to SPX preparation and freelance jobs, I had to help with the shutdown/cleanup of the family business, which basically was a month's worth of hauling boxes, emotional tolls, and possibly mold inhalation! Good times. Anyways, now I have moooore than enough time to focus on art, so I'm gonna start getting back on track with updating. Might still be shakey on it for a lil bit as I tie up some odds and ends, but WHATEVER, FULL SPEED AHEAD.

Anyways, the Small Press Expo is coming up again soon! I'll have more details up on it soon. Also, if you've been wondering what else I've been up to, A story I scripted recently went up on Paradox Space! It was drawn by Mallory Dyer, WHOSE ART IS AMAZING BY THE WAY. I've also got a few more things I'll be announcing soon, so stay tuned!

Uploaded by Greliz at 19:25 on 29 August

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Posted 18:31
Sun 05 May
by Greliz

Hey guys, I'm still trying to get the new site up and running, so please excuse the junky look! I'm getting all the strips up as fast as I can, they should be back up to date by Monday!

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