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I'm glad we're learning about Stick Anatomy.

So hey! Are you gonna be in Bethesda, MD next weekend? Do you like comics, and also DC traffic? Then you should hop on by the Small Press Expo! I'll be tabling there with my friends Eric and Jon! You can find details about it and a table map on my tumblr! I'll be at table F5, and I've got a new BtC print and a puppet artbook based on the denizens of Knick-Knack Canyon, who were featured last chapter! So stop on by! Updates'll resume next week, since I'll be gone 'til Monday!

Meanwhile, if you like Homestucks, check out the latest Paradox Space! I drew it, Mallory Dyer colored it, and it was written by Paranatural's Zack Morrison! IT'S A GOOD 'UN. Also, read Paranatural if you don't already.

Anyways, that's it for now, catch ya next week! Or next weekend at SPX!! Either or!

Uploaded by Greliz at 18:32 on 08 September

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Posted 18:31
Sun 05 May
by Greliz

Hey guys, I'm still trying to get the new site up and running, so please excuse the junky look! I'm getting all the strips up as fast as I can, they should be back up to date by Monday!

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